Scrapbooking 101: Back to the Basics

Have you been wanting to start that scrapbook for weeks, months... maybe years - but find yourself asking, "Where do I start?"  Now that you have your pictures organized, let's get moving on to what you will need to get started on your album!

Action Step #1: Decide what size of album you want.

"There are different sizes?!"  YES!  *smile*  Albums come in many different sizes.  Here are some of the most common:

Mini/Specialty albums are great for a brag book that you can keep in your purse.  These are often homemade and created from templates.  Also great for gifts or secret pals!  :)

6" x 6" albums are the new hot size for this year.  Great for gifts, grandparent gift albums, short trip albums, etc.  Not recommended that you choose this size for ALL your family scrapbooks, because you would end up needing so many to cover all the years.  Usually these fit only one or two photos per page.

9" x 9" and 12" x 12" albums are the backbone of the scrapbooking industry.  These albums are great for getting more on the page and are my recommendation for any family album.  The smaller sizes fit about three photos per page, and the larger can accommodate up to five photos per page with cropping.  I LOVE THESE!!!  :)

Action Step #2: GO SHOPPING!

*Paper Trimmer - Ideal for cutting paper, cardstock, photographs, and more

*Micro-Tip Scissors - Sharp, small scissors, as opposed to hard-to-maneuver big scissors

*Adhesives - My personal favorite is the tombow, but there is also glue available.

*Paper is the foundation of any scrapbook.  The paper you choose can make or break your book.  
     -For those just getting started or with limited time for craftingLevel 1 kits are the way to go!  Use these preprinted layouts and the adhesive artwork included for beautiful pages in a flash.
     -Add a little more individual touch to every page and project by building designs from Level 2 scrapbooking products.  Use Reflections, Cherish, or Imagine to create unique layouts by getting back to the basics - paper!
     -Those who embrace the art of stamping will feel right at home creating stunning scrapbooks in Level 3.  With decorative stamps, embellishments, and how-to books at your fingertips, you can build designer pages with ease.

*Page Protectors - Your beautiful creation needs to be protected!  :)

These are the basic items that you need to get started!  If you have any questions or feel that I have left something out, comment!  If you have found this helpful, please comment and let me know!

Have an idea for an upcoming "online lesson?"  Comment with your suggestions below!

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