I'm Baaaaaaack!!!

Back in 2010, the Lord blessed me with my second little man (pictured directly next to me above), and my life drastically changed.  Nothing bad happened.  Life just... well... happened!  With two children, my priorities shifted, and being crafty was one of the items in my life that got pushed to the back burner.  At one point, I even decided that I was never going to scrapbook again... so I gave away ALL of my supplies (did I mention I GAVE them all away? *sigh*).

Well, yet again, six years later, my life has drastically changed.  NOTHING bad happened.  Life just... well... happened!  AGAIN!  My family and I picked up all of our belongings and moved HUNDREDS of miles away from the only home my kids had ever known, and we didn't know what to expect.  LITTLE DID WE KNOW that God had orchestrated an incredible blessing for us in a little Georgia town.  We are the happiest we have ever been, and we know we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

When we were unpacking at our house, I came across some scrapbook pages I had worked on yearssss ago, and I began thinking about how much I loved having that creative outlet.  I also thought about all that has happened these last six years, and the majority of the memories can only be seen on social media or on my iPhone.  Some people may be okay with that... and to each his own.  I, however, am not okay with that.  haha  I want to feel and touch... and read stories that I have written alongside photos... and mentally be taken back to when these amazing moments first occurred.

I SO MUCH ENJOYED the pages I used to make, and not only that, but also the relationships I made... FRIENDSHIPS... over being creative as a collective group.  I used to host all day workshops at my house, and we would all work on different projects, but the atmosphere was wonderful for creativity.  We even had clubs that would meet once a month, and we would all work on the same project.  I want that again.

So, I decided to take a step toward making that happen.  I have decided to re-join Close To My Heart, a company in which I had participated in as a customer for three years and then as a consultant for another three years.  It is a company in which I believe in their vision AND their products (because I LOVED using the products), and it is a GREAT way for me to get back into paper crafting and continuing to build relationships while doing it!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!

My question to you is... will you help me?  No, I am NOT asking you to buy something from me... or host a party... I am simply asking for your support in however you would like to support.  Support from friends is HUGE for anyone when starting up a business.  So I have listed out ways that you can show your support with very little effort...
  1. "LIKE" my Facebook page. You may not be crafty, but perhaps someone you know is!  Simply "LIKING" my page on Facebook (it is brand spanking new... with only ONE "LIKER" at the moment - ME!  haha) may allow someone you know to see my page and interact.  Plus, I will be doing giveaways, and even if you are not a paper crafter, who doesn't like to win free stuff? *smile*
That's it!  You might be asking, "Is that really all you're asking for?"  Yep!  Sure is!  I will be posting more in the next few days, but I would be super appreciative if you would start with just LIKING my Facebook page.

Thanks for your support!


---Please note that all links on my previous posts from 2010 and prior are not working links.  They are linked to my old CTMH account.---